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End Your Logbook Worries

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EZ-Log is Built for Speed!

Fasten your seat belts! Finishing your logbook has never been faster or easier. EZ-Log's sleek interface is made to break the speed limit. Zero to done in five minutes or less!

Check out our YouTube video where you can see how you could be getting Duty Status Totals in under a minute!

EZ-Log uses a revolutionary visual interface to make getting everything you need to finish your logbook fast.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Zaps Violations
No More Logbook Violations

EZ-Log Zaps HOS Violations!

EZ-Log zaps HOS violations to make staying legal a snap! Without having to make your logs more fiction than fact!

Follow a few simple HOS guidelines detailed in the EZ-Log User Guide and Zap those HOS violations. Our system works!

Using our system will eliminate those violations you didn't even know you were making!
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EZ-Log Blasts Math Errors!

EZ-Log blasts math errors by eliminating the keyboard.. Instead, EZ-Log uses your mouse to draw a picture of your paper logbook.

We eliminated the keyboard almost entirely. We've pared it down to two easy number for the mileage calculator and Recap.

We spend under five minutes to do our work in EZ-Log and complete our paper logbook. You could be doing the same every day. Get EZ-Log today, rest easy tonight!


Your Logbook Done in 5 Minutes!



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We know you are concerned about protecting your information when making purchases on the Internet. We share your concern.

That is why we chose PayPal™ and E-Junkie to handle ZZ-Log transactions. Both use the strongest 128-bit encryption commercially available and the latest SSL technology to keep your information safe.

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EZ-Log was developed by a real driver who uses EZ-Log every day to make his life easier. Find out more in the About tab.

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EZ-Log works on any Windows or Mac computer that has Microsoft Office or Excel installed. See our FAQ for more information.
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