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Before I made the career change to Professional Driver, I was an Excel jock.

I spent a lot of time at a desk using Excel, juggling numbers for corporations. That all began with something called Lotus 123. The original number cruncher's dream. It ran on the original IBM PC. When I traded my desk in for a tractor, I had been using Excel for years.

I'm just doing some qualifying. My point is; I've been using spreadsheet programs for a long time. And I'm good at it.

User Friendly

While I used PCs at work, my home computer has always been an Apple. The first one, an Apple ][c running Apple DOS. After that, a long series of Macs. So, what's so special about Macs?
They are User Friendly in nearly every way. So, I'm spoiled. But, in a good way. Since I'm used to Great interface designs, I work very hard at making EZ-Log simple and easy to use.
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When I say "simple and easy to use," I don't mean just on Macs. I realize most EZ-Log buyers are using a PC running a version of Windows. My goal was to carryover good design and ease of use no matter what platform the user has chosen.
My biggest complaint about using Windows is not Windows. Rather, the inconsistent ways developers design program interfaces. It's like many developers have great ideas. Get a prototype working and stop there.

Notes on a Cocktail Napkin

Instead of stopping at the Notes on a Cocktail Napkin design stage, I try very hard to make the way EZ-Log a polished product before it was released. Polished in the sense that anyone could try using EZ-Log and it makes sense.
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We tested and retested EZ-Log for five years. We continue testing as each new feature is added. All the added features were changed multiple times until we were satisfied it has to work logically and provide great information for Professional Drivers.
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Obsessed With Perfection

Maybe so. With professional drivers depending on the information EZ-Log provides, it has to be better than good. Your livelihood is dependent on tools like EZ-Log.
EZ-Log is the first in a series of products for Professional Drivers. We are now working on PayLog. PayLog is a sophisticated tool for keeping track of pay and reimbursements. It will alert users when payments and reimbursements or over or short. Plus, built in reports by payroll and detailing money not yet paid. Projected release, in June.

What Computer Do I Use?

If you already browsed through our Amazon Store, you could guess I'm an Apple fan boy. You would be right.

Today, I travel with a 13.3" MacBook Pro. It offers a great combination of size, dependability, and it’s built like a tank. In any mission-critical situation, I will take a Mac over any other computer. It's like the ad says, "Macs just work."

Two Laptops! Some of my driver friends keep two laptops. One, to use, and, the other they keep stashed for when the first one gets a virus, corrupted .dll files, or, its something breaks or falls off.

They know when something goes wrong; the broken one will spend a few weeks at The Geek Squad. If repairs cost too much, they trash the broken one and get, yes, another cheap PC.

Are Macs Really Too Expensive? My driver friends won't consider a Mac because, they say, "Macs are too expensive." Yet, don't realize they spent more for their two cheap PC laptops than I spent on my one Mac that always works. Maybe PCs do math better than Macs. I'm just not sure about some of my friend's math ability...

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EZ-Log was developed by a real driver who uses EZ-Log every day to make his life easier. Find out more in the About tab.

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EZ-Log works on any Windows or Mac computer that has Microsoft Office or Excel installed. See our FAQ for more information.
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